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Large ai summit

Written with a conversational style, this book serves as a guideline on how to lead an Appreciative Inquiry Summit and how to apply similar principles to a congregational setting.

Large the circle way

This resource provides the history and basics of The Circle Way, a structure of conversation that can be used to collaborate and make decisions.

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This research-based guide dives into how to strategically engage Millennials as constituents, volunteers, donors and employees.

Large the power of positive deviance vid

If you are interested in asset-based change, this 47-minute video is well worth your time. Richard Pascale, author of the book The Power of Positive Deviance, defines “positive deviants” as those...

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Large the power of positive deviance book

This resource introduces positive deviance as an ideal problem-solving model, describing how it works and situations where positive deviance has been used.

Large the power of asset mapping

Divided into three sections, this book will help congregations discover their assets --- whether it be physical, talent or economic --- and prepare leaders for how to utilize such assets.

Large appreciative team building

Based on the principles of Appreciative Inquiry, this book is designed for those inesterested in forstering a sense of team among co-workers. It contains strategies on how to engage co-workers...

Large ulead

Servant leadership development and team building are two of the focused outcomes of any learning experience designed and led by ULEAD, an organization located in Northern Indiana. Focused on the...

Large church transfusion

This resource centers on the role of leadership and how church leaders motivated by vital faith and the ethic of love can create positive change.

Large interim ministry positive change

This resource offers a comprehensive review of interim ministry, and includes strategies and actions interim pastors can take to lead congregations through change.

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