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Written by a fundraising consultant, this book is targeted for congregations trying to reach funders under 40 years of age, and provides insight on social media and the power of grants.

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This short article offers three specific principles for attracting and engaging worshippers.

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Web resource

This hub for digital media provides training, tutorials and free templates and tools for congregations.

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Web resource

This website views technology as a vehicle for congregations to communicate and also shares the latest tips and advice for practitioners.

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Large webempowered ministry

This comprehensive guide frames the internet as a powerful took to share, teach, and connect people with Jesus; and provides tools for congregations to start a web ministry.

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Web resource

The YouVersion app offers free mobile application from the folks at LifeChurch.tv and makes scripture available anytime, any place, and on any mobile device. Different languages are offered.

Large mapping 21st century landscape
Web resource

This web resource, provided by Lutheran pastor and co-author of the previously published “Click 2 Save: The Digital Ministry Bible”
Keith Anderson, argues that "we need to take...

Large best practices tech usage

Written by legal and financial experts and Christianity Today, this article offers a solide primer on best policies and procedures for U.S. congregations, ranging from issues like privacy to...

Large missional church network
Web resource

This website, by Brad Brisco and his associates, contains several resources to help congregations engage the missional church model, teaches leadership seminars, contains blogs and articles,...

Large effective church comm
Web resource

Designed by a church communications specialist, this website offers a variety of tools and resources for effective communication.

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