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Large spiritual disciplines handbook

Where do you look for a quick reference book on Christian spiritual disciplines? Consider the Spiritual Disciplines Handbook. It’s comprehensive in nature, practical in approach and applicable for...

Large becoming a blessed church

It’s not often that you read a book about church culture and leadership that is both spiritual and practical; one that provides useful tools and teaches leaders how to be spiritual leaders. In...

Large shalem institute

For 40 years, the Shalem Institute has offered a wide variety of programs and resources for individuals who want to open themselves more fully to God in their daily lives and work. In the words of...

Large you are what you love

Discipleship is a way to curate your heart. How you live your faith is an opportunity to organize your life in a way consistent with what you believe. That’s one of many evocative observations...

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Large souls in transition

Many congregations lament the loss of those between the ages of eighteen and twenty-three in their congregations. Sociologist of Religion Christian Smith and Professor Patricia Snell engaged in...

Large meditations of the heart

Prolific author, educator, and influential Christian leader Howard Thurman’s (1899-1981) classic collection of meditations stands the test of time. Deeply spiritual and wise, Thurman’s work...

Large joy

The Black church has a longstanding history with contemplative practice, though most in the church would not know to name their experiences as such. In Joy Unspeakable, Barbara Holmes traces the...

Large life together

On the first page of Life Together, Bonhoeffer writes, “We are not dealing with the concerns of some private circles but with a mission entrusted to the church.” This book was influenced by...

Large breathing under water

Richard Rohr, a well-known Franciscan priest and master teacher, is founder and director of the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In Breathing Under Water, he shares...

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Those involved with The Transforming Center believe that the best thing Christians bring to their leadership in the church is their transforming selves. To that end, the Center seeks to strengthen...

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