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Large rns
Web resource

The website, associated with the Religion News Service (RNS), strives to be a single source of news about religion. Its purpose is to inform civic conversation on matters relating to belief and...

Large living a jewish life

This resource provides a primer on Jewish life and customs, describing and explaining important Jewish celebrations and practices.

Large reaching out

This book underlines the importance of a congregation's ability to communicate their values, principles, missions, and goals.

Large the nuts and bolts

This comprehensive book is perfect for people interested in starting a church. More specifically, for people who want a step-by-step process that gives the nuts and bolts of church planting,...

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Large partners for sacred places

This organization assists congregations in making the best stewardship use of religious facilities, particularly those of historic value or in urban settings.

Large the soul of the congregation

This resource calls on readers to analyze the soul of their congregation --- what makes up their history, values, and traditions --- to begin a process of discernment.

Large faith hope life
Web resource

Faith.Hope.Life. is a suicide prevention web resource for all faith traditions, equipping them to focus one day or Sabbath each year on values common to most faith traditions: hope, community,...

Large synagogues matter

This resources calls American Jews and synagogues to formidable change, championing the value and positive impact of affiliation.

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This article helps congregations assess how their signage adds or detracts from their identity, mission, and values.

Large volunteering

This resource describes the four benefits benefits of volunteering, which range from the physical to mental.

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