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Thumb a vision for the aging church

Former professor and author James Houston and gerontologist Michael Parker look at the elderly...

Thumb practicing witness

This short, but intelligent work is a reflection on the development of missional church theology....

Thumb new visions initiative

The Episcopal Church USA has developed the New Visions Initiative to focus on renewal, visioning...

Thumb discovering gods vision

This book is the core resource in a comprehensive spiritual gifts program of the same title....

Thumb not your parents offering plate

The founder of Horizons Stewardship Company, Clif Christopher, presents this highly readable...

Thumb vision lost found

This book tells a dynamic story of congregational change at every stage, from a start-up church...

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Web resource

Understanding how God calls us to engage in God’s work is the crux of strategic planning. Many...

Thumb how to select a consultant

While there are many resources available for self-directed strategic planning, some congregations...

Thumb fontawesome f02d 9  1024

Drifting off course is a constant danger in any organization, congregation or non-profit....

Thumb church marketing 101

Church marketing professional Richard Reising’s premise is that “Marketing is part of the...

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