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Large boomer volunteer engagement

This resource is designed to help nonprofit groups involve, engage, and sustain baby boomers and succeeding generations as volunteers.

Large 365 ideas

This resource shows how to properly recruit, retain, and motivate volunteers, and covers topics ranging from volunteer agreements to teambuilding.

Large go the distance

Part of a three-book series, this specific resource focuses on volunteers and covers topics such as evaluation, communication, and the role of leaders.

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Web resource

Christian nonprofit leadership expert, Christopher L. Scott, synthesizes multiple authorities on Emotional Intelligence and volunteer leadership to create a practical guide for clergy and lay...

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This resource provides congregations with the tips and tools to build a children's ministry that lasts, drawing upon the experience of two ministry veterans.

Large youth leader training on the go

This DVD curriculum allows youth pastors to train volunteers remotely by sending video trainings via email.

Large synergy

This book explores the dynamic between clergy, lay leaders, and the congregation; and provides a deeper understanding of how all of the above relate to the ministry of the church.

Large everyones called to youth ministry

This resource offers practical suggestions to engage volunteers for youth minstry.

Large new life through shared ministry

This resource examines the shared ministry system as a way for congregations to support lay leaders and develop a collaborative ministry.

Large barada associates

This organization provides background checks and pre-employment screening services such as court records, criminal history, drug and alchohol testing, and reference checking.

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