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This website provides free resources to educate women coming out of abusive relationships about finance and employment.

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This organization provides background checks and pre-employment screening services such as court records, criminal history, drug and alchohol testing, and reference checking.

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This website contains abundant information culled from the Pew Forum’s work on the U.S. Religious Landscape. Based on interviews with more than 35,000 adults, this research specifies the religious...

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This book explores the link between spirituality and mental health recovery.

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This series invites readers to seize the possibilities of embracing a comprehensive missional church perspective, both in their individual lives and in the actions of the congregation.

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This book examines the complex relationship between culture, identity, belonging, and the role of Christians. Ultimately, this book will help congregations consider how they interact in the...

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This article defines Spiritual Intelligence and classifies the skills and behaviors of Spiritual Intelligence into four quadrants.

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This guide works through the five levels of conflict, identifying the warning signs and characteristics of each, along with steps to resolution.

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This resource offers inspiration and wisdom for leaders who minister in under-resourced communities, using the author's experience in Christian community development and biblical case studies to...

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This resource explores the unique characteristics of divergent churches, examining the how and where they meet, what brings them together, and how their primary concerns shape the practices of...

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