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In the early stage of any strategic planning process, it is critical to take a close look at the congregation and the community in order to clearly understand the needs of people both inside and...

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Some rural and small-town congregation’s believe that their location impedes their growth. But researcher and writer Cynthia Woolever says this is not true: “in the vast majority of congregations,...

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This book examines the differenes and needs of the six generations that make up congregations, offering insight into how each relates to congregational identity, purpose, and orientation.

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This book lists six congregational assets, also known as "currencies." By using gracious leadership, relationships, truth, wellness, money, time, and place, congregations are able to support the...

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Trending now? Externally focused or what are called “missional” congregations, says Eric Swanson, author and Leadership Network’s Community Director. Swanson narrates this YouTube video that...

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This book looks at the historical change of the church over the past four eras and equips readers with the knowledge needed to use the opportunities this particular age gives congregations.

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The African-American Church was once considered integral to the community. Those in the post-Civil Rights Era often don’t even think about the church. Douglas Powe, E. Stanley Jones Professor of...

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What is the biblical basis for sabbaticals? Why does my pastor - and my congregation - need one? How do we plan a sabbatical? In this well-researched and visually pleasing publication from Focus on...

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“According to the EPA: most congregations can cut energy costs by up to 30% by investing strategically in efficient equipment, facility upgrades and maintenance.” In this article, Kansas Interfaith...

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This short article lists nine steps to create a narrative budget that communicates the congregation’ s impact.

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