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Large mapping 21st century landscape
Web resource

This web resource, provided by Lutheran pastor and co-author of the previously published “Click 2 Save: The Digital Ministry Bible”
Keith Anderson, argues that "we need to take...

Large ending with hope

This resource draws insight from 15 different clergy and lay leaders to cover every major aspect of a congregational closing, from outlining the differences and similarities between members' and...

Large finishing with grace

This practical guide will help clergy and lay leaders through the oftentimes stressful process of closing a congregation. It details pitfalls to avoid along with helpful chapters on how to sell...

Large little book healthy organizations

This concise book offers advice and real-life examples of practical ways to improve leadership in a well-established culture.

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Large the art of curating worship

This resource generates new languge and meaning to change how readers view worship service and preparation, introducing concepts like worship curators and remerging church.

Large designing your congregations website

This report shares advice from several congregations who reevaluated their web presence, updated an existing website or created a new one-either by DIY or hiring a web designer.

Large new visions initiative

This organization provides resources and guidance for historically African American Episcopal congregations focusing on renewal, a vision for the future, and creative culture change.

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Web resource

This hub for digital media provides training, tutorials and free templates and tools for congregations.

Large unstuck church

This resource lays out the seven lifecycle phases of a congregation, beginning with "Launch" and ending with "Life Support." It also provides tools for churches to map out a strategic response...

Large leading congregations nonprofits connected world

This book proposes a different conceptual framework based on understanding social networks for connecting purpose, people, and activities to increase the impact of congregations.

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