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Congregations interested in cultivating a greater sense of evangelical identity may find this ecumenical resource to be of help in the week-to-week consideration of outreach and sharing the gospel....

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For congregations feeling overwhelmed by the scale and multiplicity of change around and within them, this book offers a roadmap. Alan Roxburgh, a pastor, writer and consultant with {{The Missional Network | http://themissionalnetwork.com/}}...

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GraceNet is a nonprofit organization that provides coaching and consulting to congregations in the areas of spiritual leadership, pastoral development, congregational revitalization and evangelism....

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Those looking for information about visual arts and worship might not think to look on one of today’s trendiest websites-Pinterest! Yet, all it takes is typing in the home page search the words...

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Large the power of asset mapping

For congregations who wish to take a deeper look at what they really have at their disposal for mission and ministry, this readily accessible and helpful workbook is a powerful ally. Its purpose is...

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For 25 years, Susan Beaumont has been consulting. Her practice with the Alban Institute and now Congregational Consulting Group has led to what some might call a specialty: dealing with large...

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Most of us experience up close the changing cultural context for religious life. What many of us lack is a comprehensive response. Rabbi Kerry Olitzky provides both a diagnosis and solution...

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There is a reason why more congregations are looking at expanding to more than one site. For many congregations it works. Mission expands. Attendance increases. The congregation touches more...

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How does a congregation decide whether, when, and how to engage an outside consultant? This brief guide walks leaders through basic considerations and then offers insights and practical tools for...

Large how to shape your churchs culture

This concise article from LifeWay, the Southern Baptist publishing house, provides a great overview introduction to understanding what “church culture” is in the first place. By seeing how a...

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