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This collection of 15 stories from a community health organization in Maryland describes examples of society stigma resulting in impactful experiences.

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This organization offers free peer-led education courses and support programs of family members, individuals with a mental health illness, and the general public. They also have an interfaith...

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This book explores the link between spirituality and mental health recovery.

Large what is health ministry
Web resource

This web resource is a clear and helpful explanation of what health ministry is, why faith communities need to be engaged in health ministry, the value of health ministry to people in faith...

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Large healthy minds

This series of 30-minute videos from PBS provides stimulating and relevant topics related to mental health through a series of perspectives.

Large church health reader

The quarterly Church Health Reader recognizes the challenge of maintaining spiritual, emotional, physical and social well-being in a world of stress, violence, confusing value systems and social...

Large ministry with persons with mental illness

Designed for clergy and lay caregivers, this resource takes an interdisciplinary approach to symptoms, treatment, and caregiving principles for those who live with mental illness.

Large trauma addiction

Written by a liscensed mental health counselor, this article outlines treatment options, tools for self-soothing, and skills for enhancing safety for individuals struggling with trauma and...

Large health and wellness reform judaism
Web resource

This website, provided by the Union for Reform Judaism, offers helpful information and resources about a variety of health issues.

Large the parish nurse

This resource is targeted towards congregations that want to provide w wholistic health ministry for their faith community by establising a parish nurse as the primary minster of health.

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