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Thumb rural home missionary

Since 1942, the Rural Home Missionary Association’s (RHMA) goal has been to plant and strengthen...

Thumb ministry architects

Youth ministry with staying power has a clearly defined mission and vision, and it engages the...

Thumb 2017 2018 guide new church models

This special report from congregation experts discusses seven novel ways that congregations are...

Thumb the center for progressive renewal

The Center for Progressive Renewal is a multifaceted organization equipping clergy and laity with...

Thumb church up

Taking his cue from the Barna Study of the six big reasons Mosaics (b.1984-2002) and Busters...

Thumb church planter candidate assessment
Web resource

If only everyone could do every task equally well. Yet, that is not the way it goes. This is...

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Thumb church multiplication training center

The mission of The Church Multiplication Training Center (CMTC) is to refocus the church to be...

Thumb church smart resources

This ecumenical Christian resource center offers books, assessment tools, workshops and more that...

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