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When a building project is on the congregation’s horizon, the first thing leaders should do is...

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A small investment with high yield-that’s what The Thin Book of SOAR boasts. In this small...

Thumb twelve keys

Now in its second edition, this book offers practical guidelines and tools to help congregations...

Thumb governance and ministry

An effective governance model enables a congregation to fulfill its mission by continually...

Thumb the advantage

Around the planning tables in many congregations, leaders continue to search for a magic bullet...

Thumb the other 80 percent

A common barrier to implementation of a strategic plan is that the congregation’s goals exceed...

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Are you tired of wordsmithing mission and vision statements? Is your congregation burned out on...

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“It wouldn’t make sense to build a soccer field if our ministry is basketball.” This 12-page...

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Web resource

Sulam for Strategic Planners (SSP) is a new program of United Synagogue to strengthen...

Thumb designing worship together

If you are on a worship committee and you want to collaborate with staff on the design for...

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