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Large reimagining

This book offers a conceptual framework for faith formation in a changing world. Practical insights will help leaders understand and implement effective ministry strategies.

Large essential guide to youth ministry safety

This resource addresses a range of topics to help youth ministers navigate issues of safety, liability, and accountability.

Large voice of authority

A Fortune 500 consultant provides advice on how to communicate responsibly to make others respond with good work and good will.

Large reaching out

This book underlines the importance of a congregation's ability to communicate their values, principles, missions, and goals.

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A lifelong learning program of Candler School of Theology The National Institute in Church Finance and Administration offers a series of one-week seminars designed to help participants gain...

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This book explores the concept of "networked individualism" --- the result of people connecting with others through mulitple and diverse networks, and the three revolutions that led to this...

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This thin volume celebrates the church's legacy of social innovation and calls for current Christians to draw from this history to address today's pressing social concerns.

Large social movements

Based on research of millennials and their patterns of giving, this resource helps readers understand why people get involved to make a difference and how to sustain positive changes.

Large dont see you as asian

Written by a third generation Chinese-Filipino and experienced leader of multicultural congregations, this resource uses statements people commonly make about race to serve as entry points for...

Large starting a nonprofit

This article is a comprehensive overview of the steps to creating a successful nonprofit organization.

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