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Large every congregation needs a little conflict

This book reveals how congregations can deal with conflict in a healthy way that will promote growth, offering plans for action and accountability while identifying various "intensities of...

Large starting new initiatives

This downloadable workbook outlines a process of prayer, discernment, conversation, and reflection to help boards and congregations adapt to changing needs inside and outside the congregation.

Large hayim herring 400

This consulting group helps synagogues with planning, organizational renewal, decision-making, and leadership coaching.

Large using the resources of the web

This article offers tips and tools to help a congregation better understand the needs of people inside the congregation and the outside community.

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Carol crg
Jane crg

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Large ministry architects

This organization provides a wide variety of resources, such as coaching, workshops, and blogs, to help congregations and youth ministers build a sustainable youth ministry.

Large research strategies for congregations

This article explores a variety of research-based strategies to help congregations gain a deepter understanding of what their community and members needs

Large thin book soar

Written from a business perspective, congregations can apply concepts from this resource to create growth following the procedures of SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results). ...

Large susan beaumont 2

This organization provides consulting and online resources for leaders who serve large congregations. Consulting addresses a wide variety of issues such as staff assessments, board development,...

Large chat
Web resource

This survey is designed to be used during times of change, periods of new development, and when a congregation is beginning a strategic planning process.

Large the other 80 percent

This resource draws upon research and survey results to suggest ways for congregations to create more active members.

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