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Thumb choose justice

This film is an accessible resource for justice-focused congregations eager to consider everyday...

Thumb leading missional change

Focused on the intersection of missional outreach and congregational culture, this book is a good...

Thumb canoeing

Seminary didn’t train me for this! That’s the refrain that begins Tod Bolsinger’s book Canoeing...

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This devotional, practical, and inspirational volume illustrates and illuminates the innovative...

Thumb what to do when a fight breaks out
Web resource

Two lively video discussions, about 15 minutes each, are part of a weekly series by Dr. Kris...

Thumb digital cathedral

What if your congregation wasn’t primarily represented by its building? What if your congregation...

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Thumb starting new initiatives

A key role of congregational governance is to serve as a “steward of the mission.” Yet, too...

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Are you tired of wordsmithing mission and vision statements? Is your congregation burned out on...

Thumb making annual pledge drive obsolete

Making the Annual Pledge Drive Obsolete is refreshingly controversial. Some resources that...

Thumb transformational church

The two authors, Rainer and Stetzer, are associated with Lifeway. Regarding Lifeway’s research:...

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