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Large designing worship together

If you are on a worship committee and you want to collaborate with staff on the design for worship, this book will prove useful for you. Likewise, if you are either a music leader or a pastor who...

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If you are curious about Taizé worship, the place to begin your research is here. This is the web site of the Taizé community located in a small village in Eastern France. Since the 1950’s, people...

Large arts ministry

Michael Bauer combines his musical expertise and experience with his professorial credentials to produce this ecumenical resource that explores arts ministry and shows readers how to establish an...

Large drumming in worship

Although drumming is often associated with African culture, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship staff writer Joan Huyser-Honig’s article suggests that percussion is at the “heartbeat” of Asian,...

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Large guidelines for building

Written by The Diocesan Commission on Church Art and Architecture for the Archdiocese of Chicago, this resource is designed to be used with Built of Living Stone, a statement by U.S. bishops...

Large dem dry bones

Much preaching today avoids the topic of death except in funeral sermons. This book by a pastor and scholar asserts that the sermon that cannot deal with death - the “big” death all mortals face,...

Large head to heart
Web resource

Confirmation is reimagined in this curriculum from Rich Melheim’s Faith5 organization . The material’s relational/experiential format, based on up-to-date...

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Web resource

Steve Collins is a creative thinker and artist who cares deeply about the church and its identity, theology, and future. Thus, Collins’ website explores the church from numerous angles. Among other...

Large the fabulous reinvention

“Transformational teaching” is the way writer and artist, Aaron Reynolds, characterizes the form of presentation that captures and holds the attention of children. Here are practical tools and...

Large worship for the whole

This practical guide gives readers a theological background on worship and expands knowledge on how different cultures worship so that congregations may create worship services that suits their...

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