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Large playing god

This thoughtful book reframes power as something that can be used as a tool for grace and redemption when used well, offering readers a different perspective on what good leadership looks like. ...

Large hispanic christian worship

Composed of several essays, this resource looks at Christian worship in Hispanic congregations of different faith traditions.

Large thriving through conflict

This book seeks to resolve conflict on an individual level, asserting that the only thing one can change is oneself; therefore it is essential to understand how one manages conflict.

Large buildingchurchleaders
Web resource

This website of practical training packs quickly equips leaders and teams for effective ministry. Content spans over 100 topics including staff orientation, facilities management, and...

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Large effective church comm
Web resource

Designed by a church communications specialist, this website offers a variety of tools and resources for effective communication.

Large the color of church

Drawing from the author's experience leading a mutliracial church, this book looks at the state of racial relationships within the United States before zooming into the church, and offering...

Large deep wide

This book argues that congregations should focus on designing their church for the unchurched, equipping readers with strategies and a detailed guide on how transition an established...

Large associate staff ministry

This book for associate staff encourages growth and well-being, focusing on four areas: personal, relational, professional, and church leadership support.

Large nothing to hide

Written by a journalist, this resource argues for a Roman Catholic church that is open, honest, and accountable, offering concrete solutions to combat the breakdown of community and trust in the...

Large engaging young adults

Published by the Center for Congregations, this four-page article shares insights from Indiana congregations that are successfully engaging yound adults.

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