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This organization provides coaching, consulting, and online resources in the areas of spiritual leadership, pastoral development, congregational revitalization, and evangelism.

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This organization provides information and resources for small group ministry such as an e-newsletter, small group session plans, information on implementing small groups, an archive of the...

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This organization assists congregations in making the best stewardship use of religious facilities, particularly those of historic value or in urban settings.

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This volunteer toolkit is a step-by-step guide to developing and improving your congregation's volunteer program.

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This resource helps readers design an agenda that will lead to new options and changed behavior through strategic conversation.

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This organization offers leadership training, a think tank for collaborative engagement, and a wide variety of online resources.

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This research-based resource identifies steps leaders and parents can take to help students sustain their faith from home to college.

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This organization offers programs for clergy and other religious leaders to integrate who they are with what they do. Their primary program is called, "Circles of Trust" which provides learning...

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This resource contains various sessions and activity options to help facilitate conversations between parents and children on a variety of important topics.

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This book emphasizes the importance of planning to carry out a mission, breaking down strategic planning into a four-fold process.

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