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Thumb finding our story

There’s always a story behind every congregation’s understanding of themselves. It’s a story that...

Thumb national leadership roundtable

The mission of the National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management is to promote management...

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Julia Middleton, Chief Executive of Common Purpose Charitable Trust and author of CQ: the...

Thumb cong leadership anxious times

What is most needed during times of congregational conflict is a way to disentangle from the fray...

Thumb the soul of a leader

Written from a business perspective, this helpful book examines the impact leaders can make by...

Thumb the serving leader

Many books on congregational leadership take their cues from the world of business. Others may...

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Who would have thought that the book of Numbers could serve as a primer on leadership? Erica...

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BoardSource seeks to help nonprofit board members become exceptional leaders who can help their...

Thumb facilitation at a glance

A remarkable amount of practical information about facilitating, what it looks like and how to do...

Thumb governance and ministry

An effective governance model enables a congregation to fulfill its mission by continually...