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FaithHealthNC is a partnership between faith communities, health systems and other health care providers focused on improving health. If your congregation is ready to take the next step beyond...

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Since 2009, suicide rates among youth in Indiana have risen alarmingly. Faith Communities are impacted as equally as schools, businesses and families. As a result, clergy and congregations are...

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Stephen Ministries is dedicated to providing resources and training for congregations to establish a ministry of care for those in the midst of crisis, grief, and other challenging life...

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The specialty of faith community or parish nursing integrates traditional nursing care with the spiritual and emotional needs of individuals. Busy nurses will find the easy-to-use format of this...

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Large mental health grace alliance

Mental Health Grace Alliance (MHGA) is dedicated to being "the primary peer-provider movement delivering mental health recovery and support by influencing cultural perception, creating free and...

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This book offers anyone who has or will ever suffer through the death of someone they loved ways to plan services and rituals that honor the spirit of the deceased. “This includes those who wish to...

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Many religious leaders are under constant stress from a variety of pressures: long hours in pastoral care, administrative duties, unrealistic expectations (their own and those they serve),...

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This resource identifies harmful patterns of people-pleasing and offers remedies for them, encouraging leaders to be honest upfront by communicating clearly.

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What is the most difficult problem your congrega­tion faces? This problem is probably difficult to talk about. Or, paradoxically, maybe it is too easy to talk about, and nothing has been done....

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This resource directs people in interfaith relationships - individuals, couples, families - to information about Jewish life and how to make appropriate choices. Links to specific information, such...

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