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Congregations and leaders familiar with the work of the Alban Institute will be pleased to...

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This article captures the thinking of Rabbi Sid Schwarz concerning the challenges facing...

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The Episcopal Church USA has developed the New Visions Initiative to focus on renewal, visioning...

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This book begins with an unpromising diagnosis. The authors assert that the decline of the...

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Bicycle riders who use pedal clips can perform at a higher level by using both the upward and...

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Web resource

Visitors can enter two portals, “Introducing the Reformation” and “Resources for Deeper Study.”...

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In 52 short, hopeful, and motivating chapters, each concluding with reflection and discussion...

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Denominational leader and former pastor Jeffrey Jones offers both “hard truths” and hope to...

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Be reassured: Armstrong, a United Methodist pastor, and the diverse group of Christian clergy who...

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Certain needs develop when your congregation grows. This article will help you identify those...

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