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Large intentional ministry

This book argues that churches must move from an internal to an external focus, giving congregations the tools to transform into a missional church that is daring in its outreach approach.

Large center for congregational health

This organization provides consulting and leadership training in a wide variety of areas, including an interim ministry training and clearing house program.

Large taking flight

This resource tackles the ins and outs of vibrant worship, and provides suggestions on how to organize a worship team that can create dynamic and spiritually grounded worship.

Large healthy disclosure

This book examines how to avoid miscommunication, build trust, protect confidential information, and practice transparency.

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Large finishing with grace

This practical guide will help clergy and lay leaders through the oftentimes stressful process of closing a congregation. It details pitfalls to avoid along with helpful chapters on how to sell...

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This organization helps dying congregations foster new life through utilizing the assets of a declining congregation to begin a new one.

Large hayim herring 400

This consulting group helps synagogues with planning, organizational renewal, decision-making, and leadership coaching.

Large who does the planning
Web resource

This web resource by Susan Beaumont, a former Area Minister in the American Baptist Churches and now a leading consultant specializing in the unique dynamics of large congregations, suggests...

Large better together

This book walks congregational leaders through each step of a successful church merger, including an easy-to-follow assessment to discern if this is the right decision for your congregation.

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This article outlines concrete, practical steps to follow for a church that has decided to close.

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