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Thumb the way of discernment leaders

How do congregations and individuals go about the process of making important decisions informed...

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Thankfully, there are many fine congregational consultants. Finding the right fit for your...

Thumb national leadership roundtable

The mission of the National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management is to promote management...

Thumb full kingdom

There are a lot of books about church growth and church health, but few about what it means for a...

Thumb moments of impact

Conversations abound in congregations. Over coffee, at evening meetings, via email; in some ways...

Thumb doing justice

By setting up a clear outline of “the world as it is” over and against “the world as it should...

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This bestseller set off a seismic change in leadership development, management, and consulting by...

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New forms of congregations are appearing in the United States. Some of these congregations can be...

Thumb leadership can be taught

Continuing Education is not available to all. Sometimes funds aren’t available; sometimes there...

Thumb immunity to change

Often, you know what to do as a leader. Yet, when you start down the helpful path you hit a...