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This book is a user friendly look at vitality in congregations. Based on their work related to the U.S. Congregational Life Survey, the authors identify ten strengths key to vital congregations. ...

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Over 500,000 worshipers in over 5,000 congregations have completed the U.S. Congregational Life Survey since it was first offered in 2001. A second offering took place in the fall of 2008 and...

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The two authors, Rainer and Stetzer, are associated with Lifeway. Regarding Lifeway’s research: it assists church leaders with insight that will lead to greater levels of vitality. This book...

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A Pennsylvania synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) has published a comprehensive downloadable guide to closing a congregation. Beginning with theological and biblical...

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Large wayfinding and signage

Do you often hear visitors say “Where can I find the . . . ”? If this is a common question in your congregation, consider this idea: “Like so many things that seem simple but aren’t, wayfinding is...

Large how your cong learns

How Your Congregation Learns describes how congregational leaders move from identifying a congregational challenge to a project, program and activity that effectively addresses the challenge. The...

Large getting the word out

Frederick Gonnerman, an Evangelical Lutheran Church in America pastor and former Director of Public Relations at Luther Seminary, says that communication “can be compared to a web that touches,...

Large effective church comm
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As a church communications specialist, Yvon Prehn says her objective is to assist congregations that are seeking to “fulfill the Great Commission.” Prehn’s Effective Church Communications (ECC)...

Large national leadership roundtable

The mission of the National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management is to promote management excellence and best practices in the Catholic Church in the United States. The organization marshals...

Large when moses meets aaron

Pastors and lay leaders know that hiring, supervising, and evaluating staff are among the most challenging - and often most poorly handled - tasks facing congregations. Clergy leaders of...

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