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Large immunity to change

Written by two Harvard professors, this book addresses humanity's tendency to resist change and offers a solution in the form of an immunity map that will help overcome a roadblock.

Large a pastors toolbox2

The second edition of this all-encompassing guidebook explains how to manage a parish, addressing issues ranging from job discrimination to adapting to change.

Large church assessment tools
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This congregational assessment from Holy Cow Consulting provides benchmark data to inform decisions about identity, clergy search, strategic...

Large governance and ministry

This book combines missional theology, organizational know-how, and practical experience to offer congregational leaders a roadmap and tools for changing the way boards and clergy work together...

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Large church transfusion

This resource centers on the role of leadership and how church leaders motivated by vital faith and the ethic of love can create positive change.

Large creating culture of renewal
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Organized into three tracks, the “Creating a Culture of Renewal” leadership development approach, led by author and consultant Rebekah Simon-Peter, is designed to meet congregational leaders where...

Large carey nieuwhof podcast
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Try thought leader Carey Nieuwhof’s podcast for on-the-go inspiration and practical tools. Nieuwhof addresses today’s congregational leadership. Listeners will hear wisdom and insight from an...

Large to walk in integrity

“Naming where we see crisis can upset us”, writes Doughty.”It probably ought to. Distress, at its best, creates awareness. It awakens us to where we are."The Chinese symbol for crisis reflects its...

Large five practices fruitful cong

Written by the United Methodist Bishop of Missouri, this book outlines five congregational practices of an effective congregation, detailing the importance of each and providing evaluation tools...

Large not safe for church

Using the Old and New Testament, this book provides readers with ten practices or "commandments" for how to connect with Post-Civil Rights generations.

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