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For six years the Life Long Faith Journal has been an inspirational guide for those who see growth in faith understanding as essential to life. It is now available online at no cost in PDF format....

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One of the appendices to this helpful book lists “8 Driving Forces Effecting the Future of the Faith”. This is a hopeful book designed primarily for Roman Catholic audiences in which the future...

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Founder of the Orange Conference, Reggie Joiner was asked to write this book to capture the impact a more holistic and organic approach to children’s and youth ministry might make. Christian...

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Friendship Ministries is a not-for-profit organization that exists to help churches and organizations around the world share God’s love with people who have intellectual disability and to enable...

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What are the “social and emotional skills that are critical to young peoples’ success”? The Search Institute has spent over 60 years researching this question and translating their findings into...

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Innovation pioneer, Shannon Hopkins, has discovered through research and experience that learning-by-doing can be a path to social change. As a result, she and her entrepreneurial collective,...

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“Christian-storied leaders.” That’s the way Nazarene preacher and professor, Jay Martinson, characterizes his target audience. And for good reason: He is convinced that story is a fundamental force...

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If your rural congregation needs to re-connect its ministry to its context, you will appreciate long-time rural pastor Roy Kaufman’s brief article on the value of prayer walks. Kaufman and several...

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Author, deacon, and PhD. Lora-Ellen McKinney believes that Christian Education (CE) is critically important for congregational vitality. Her book offers a comprehensive examination of CE and...

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Now in its second edition, this book offers practical guidelines and tools to help congregations claim and expand upon their strengths and become stronger and healthier. Kennon Callahan is a...

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