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Large society for human resource management

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest professional association devoted to human resources (HR) management. SHRM promotes the role of HR as a profession, provides...

Large small church leadership network
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As a by-product of the Center for Small Church Leadership, this resource offers small church clergy and lay-leaders education and encouragement to create more effective small churches. Specific...

Large missional church network
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What is the core value underlying the missional church idea? Brad Brisco argues that because the church no longer holds the kind of dominance in western culture that it once did, there is a fresh...

Large church tech today2
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Public relations professional Lauren Hunter is the founder of Church Tech Today, an online resource concerned with congregational use of technology as a communications tool. Hunter says Church Tech...

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Large michael slind

This interview excerpt with communications professional Michael Slind discusses the dynamics, content, and method of communication within an organization. Slind uses the term “organizational...

Large the center for progressive renewal

The Center for Progressive Renewal is a multifaceted organization equipping clergy and laity with tools and resources for congregational renewal. Their {{website | http://progressiverenewal.org/}}...

Large blogs hispanic latino churches
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Leadership Network, an organization committed to helping ministry professionals learn from each other, is dedicated to moving churches from ideas to implementation to impact. A section of their...

Large ministrypay
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MinistryPay.com is a comprehensive source of ministry pay data owned and produced by The Church Network (National Association of Church Business Administration or NACBA). It includes information...

Large c3 conference

Each year, Ed Young, pastor of Texas megachurch, Fellowship Church, hosts the Creative Church Culture (C3) Conference, attended by thousands of pastors and lay leaders. Affiliated with the Southern...

Large center for transforming communities

Congregations looking for inspiration regarding their potential impact on communities will find it here. The Center for Transforming Communities (CTC) is a success story. Their mission is to...

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