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This organization provides coaching, consulting, and online resources in the areas of spiritual leadership, pastoral development, congregational revitalization, and evangelism.

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This customizable giving platform provides many giving and reporting options for large congregations.

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This book describes a six-step process for designing and implementing a project evaluation, introduciing project planning as a mission-related practice.

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This company makes online donation software that can be used with computers, tablets, and smartphones, and through credit cards, debit cards, or electronic transfer of funds.

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This customizable giving platform allows congregations to select a variety of services a la carte.

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Web resource

Written by an expert on planned giving, this blog includes articles and webinars on various aspects of philanthropy and giving.

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This quick and simple overview is a helpful introduction for congregations considering church management software.

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This training resource helps congregations comply with IRS standards for benevolence funds.

Large winning grants

This thorough and practical book will help congregations write grants, develop relationships with funders, and inegrate grant seeking into the life of the congregation.

Large fairness is overrated

This book is easy to read and goes beyound cliche leadership content to offer 51 principles you can easily apply in your daily life.

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