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This book covers the basics of systems theory, identifying reasons why congregations get stuck and how leaders can move forward by reframing how they see their challenges.

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The faith community has a sacred calling to care for the earth, according to rabbi and environmental leader, Cohen-Kiener. It is a calling which transcends denomination and creed. This collection...

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This resource draws a connection between changes in American culture and congregational change, arguing that congregations must adapt in order to enage with contemporary audiences.

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This resource frames changes in clergy leadership as a period with the potential to strengthen relationships between the new pastor and the congregation.

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Hearing the story of a congregation that has undertaken a major change can be a helpful starting point for thinking about your own congregation. Over the past ten years, First Corinthian Baptist...

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This book examines the complex relationship between culture, identity, belonging, and the role of Christians. Ultimately, this book will help congregations consider how they interact in the...

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Baptist pastor, writer and cartoonist, Joe McKeever, sees that many churches are resistant to change that may be necessary for their own thriving. In this article, he provides several examples of...

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John Kotter is one of the most influential thinkers on issues of organizational change. This article, published by Vision Room, points out that many efforts at cultural change are doomed to...

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This resource argues that the old approach to making maps, a strategic planning technique, is no longer applicable to today. Instead, it outlines a new map-making strategy that can be flexible...

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This book calls for new leadership skills and non-linear change for congregations to navigate the rapidly changing culture in America.

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