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Those involved with The Transforming Center believe that the best thing Christians bring to their leadership in the church is their transforming selves. To that end, the Center seeks to strengthen...

Large living thoughtfully

This resource uses scientific and spiritual perspectives to encourage readers to consider ways they can live more fully and plan proactively for death.

Large the new copernicans series

This series of short videos explores the nuances of faith, meaning, and everyday life in the 21st century.

Large immortal diamond

This deeply theological and spiritual book aims to help readers help their true selves, discussing topics ranging from the Holy Spirit to the inner human experience.

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Large practicing our faith

Written by various authors from diverse regions of the country, this e-book offers a unifying way of life centered on essential Christian practices.

Large the god problem

Written by a sociology professor at Princeton Unviersity, this resource uses material from over 200 interviews to study how Americans manage the relationship between faith and reason.

Large we make the road by walking

This devotional book consists of 52 readings designed to be read over a year. It contains scripture, cultural observations, and enages in reflective questions.

Large onbeing
Web resource

This website is associated with On Being, the weekly radio podcast hosted by Krista Tippett, a graduate of Yale Divinity School. The website...

Large shaping spiritual leaders

This resource re-frames how readers see supervisory relationships within the congregation, arguing that supervisionn can be used as a tool to help others develop their leadership and ministry...

Large living into community

This book examines the four practices that shape community experience, and details situations where such practices can become unhealthy for a congregation.

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