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Large worship enrich
Web resource

Anglican Church Music Director Neil Barker created this website to explore and discuss the past, present, and future of church worship.

Large brim

This book on worship planning presents resources and exercises to engage the creative process in those who do worship planning.

Large curating worship

This resource explores curated worship as an innovative approach to the worship experience; where the deisgner gathers elements, provides a context, and allows others to engage in imaginative...

Large worship for the whole

This practical guide gives readers a theological background on worship and expands knowledge on how different cultures worship so that congregations may create worship services that suits their...

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Large the art of curating worship

This resource generates new languge and meaning to change how readers view worship service and preparation, introducing concepts like worship curators and remerging church.

Large taking flight

This resource tackles the ins and outs of vibrant worship, and provides suggestions on how to organize a worship team that can create dynamic and spiritually grounded worship.

Large alternative worship

This article summarizes alternative worship's history and offers eight alternative worship priorities.

Large the worship sourcebook

This resource includes well written texts and commentaries about particular sections of worship, providing explanations for and the stories behind worship practices.

Large connect community service worship

Published by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, this article discusses the challenge of integrating public ministries of the church with the weekly rhythm of worship.

Large a primer christian worship

This book focuses on worship renewal by examining faithful worship and how history shapes worship practices.

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