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Large church growth african american perspective

Bishop Hilliard’s experience in shepherding a strong growing congregation in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, has led to this book of guidance for church growth. While written from an African American...

Large death and mourning
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This resource directs people in interfaith relationships - individuals, couples, families - to information about Jewish life and how to make appropriate choices. Links to specific information, such...

Large caring ministry contemplative approach

Although the title may indicate otherwise, the author writes for all people engaged in caring ministry. At the heart of the book is the author’s belief that “caring ministry is about what we know...

Large you lost me
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Even before they hit Junior High, Christian young people are on a trajectory to leave congregational life. What’s a congregation to do? This interview with the author of a ground breaking study and...

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Large youth ministry in the black church

Given the prevailing challenges that youth and the congregations who love them face on a daily basis, how can congregations help their young people not only survive, but thrive? Centered in Hope ...

Large gods graffiti

Poverty, crime, parental abandonment and drug abuse were the realities of Romal Tune’s childhood, but so was the stalwart and loving presence of his grandmother, who anchored his life when nothing...

Large relationships unfiltered
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Relational youth ministry at its most authentic is not a means of influencing young people. It is a caring presence in their lives. Youth ministry expert and parent, Andrew Root, calls this...

Large first third of center
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What are the marks of effective congregational ministries that establish faith as a vital factor in the lives of young people? A national congregational study entitled Exemplary Youth Ministry...

Large starting right

“Theological reflection keeps the practice of youth ministry focused on God instead of on staff or programming.” This key assertion from a seasoned youth worker and teacher provides the basis for a...

Large replant

Darrin Patrick, founder of the Acts 29 Church Planting Network, and Mark DeVine, Baptist pastor and seminary professor, tell the story of a successful church merger from start to finish. A dying...

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