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Large servant evangelism
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“Servant Evangelism” is a website and blog that contains the wisdom of Steve Sjogren. He draws on his 15 years as pastor of a Cincinnati based Vineyard congregation. The kind of evangelism that...

Large myth of the 200

More than one clergy person has remarked, “We get to 200 then the next year we are back down to 160 in worship. Why is this happening?” There is something about the 200 barrier. This book takes...

Large doing the math of mission

“Evaluation” is not such a bad word. It is about making a judgment about the value of something. To make such a value judgment, you need to be in learning mode. Curiosity will serve you well. In...

Large the in between church

Is your congregation growing? Or perhaps your congregation is getting smaller? Regardless, it helps to know what to expect as your congregation changes. This book, by former Alban consultant...

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Large the missional leader

In this book, noted author and internationally known missional church leader, Alan Roxburgh, joins forces with organizational consultant and psychologist Fred Romanuk to promote missional church...

Large catholics come home
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The campaign and resources provided by Catholics Come Home are an excellent starting point for parishes or diocesan groups concerned with outreach to “lapsed Catholics” and those without a church...

Large lessons in belonging

This new book is a memoir, recounting one millennial feminist’s approach to life in Christian community, but it is also much more. Erin Lane, a program director for congregational leadership at the...

Large group processes that facilitate positive change

Recent studies and congregational experience show that a positive approach can successfully address “adaptive” or non-technical issues in a way that a focus on problem-solving cannot. This article,...

Large first impressions

Today’s consumeristic culture makes it incumbent upon congregations to put their best foot forward when welcoming guests. Based on Granger Community Church’s “model of hospitality and grace” Waltz...

Large fontawesome f15c 5  1024

Two things to know about this resource. First, it was produced with an Episcopal audience in mind. Second, the information it provides about size theory is applicable to almost any Protestant...

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