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Thumb the practice of adaptive leadership

Many leadership books deal almost solely with theory. Such books can be interesting but not...

Thumb natural church development

Over the course of twenty-five years, Natural Church Development (NCD) has developed a strategic...

Thumb strategies for educating

The history of African American Sunday School “dates back to the very beginning of the Sunday...

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We’ve all been to meetings where nothing gets done. This is not time well spent. Thankfully, with...

Thumb life cycle stages cong development

The developmental life of congregations follows a predictable trajectory. Veteran pastor,...

Thumb when helping hurts

Poverty is a real and complex issue for persons of faith, whether it’s in their backyard or on...

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Thumb developme
Web resource

A free online staff development and evaluation tool, developed by LifeChurch.tv. This tool aims...

Thumb for the city

Carter and Patrick are experienced urban church planters and mega-church pastors. Yet, they...

Thumb missional communities

Those searching for spiritual significance outside of the conventional congregation model may...

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Young people are more likely to grow into healthy adults when they experience meaningful...