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Large overview of the strategic planning process

This five-minute video introduces the entire strategic planning process through illustrations on a white board.

Large incarnate

This book calls Christians to embrace the "dirt, worms, and compost" and to serve the world with flesh and blood in order to "heal contemporary society's increasingly disembodied existence."

Large advanced strategic planning

This book emphasizes the importance of planning to carry out a mission, breaking down strategic planning into a four-fold process.

Large holy currencies

This book lists six congregational assets, also known as "currencies." By using gracious leadership, relationships, truth, wellness, money, time, and place, congregations are able to support the...

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This organization employs principles of transformational development to empower local churches to engage in global mission.

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The Mission of the Kaleidoscope Institute is to provide resources to equip church leaders to create sustainable churches and communities. The organization began with the work of Episcopal priest,...

Large servant evangelism
Web resource

This website and blog focuses on evangelism based on kindness.

Large center for parish development

This organization provides resources and consulting to help congregations expand their missional work, and serve the world beyond their membership.

Large liberating hope

This resource combats the widespread loss of church participants by calling on congregations to define a new mission --- one that involves an understanding of contemporary stewardship,...

Large holy places

This resource dvides renovation and building projects into a three part process, showing how your new building can convey the congregation's mission.

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