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Large change   conflict

This book frames conflict as a tool to move congregations forward if used positively. In this resource, conflict can spark changes that will allow your congregation to tell a new story about its...

Large behavioral covenants

This resource encourages congregations to adopt ground rules for behavior during times of disagreement, using a variety of strategies that include the implementation of behavior convents.

Large when not to build

This resource asks congregations to assess their needs and explore alternatives before devoting resources to building a new facility.

Large beyond the ordinary

Based on research from the U.S. Congregational Life Survey, the authors identify ten strengths found in vital congregations, including meaningful worship, welcoming new people, and focusing on...

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Large the in between church

Written for congregations in the middle of a size transition, this book tackles issues relating to potentials problems a congregation may face when they are either increasing or decreasing in...

Large a place where everybody matters

Written by a former small church pastor and former business manager, this book explores the small church environment and how congregations can use it to foster relationships and...

Large crunch time

This article is addressed to small congregations whose current situation is not working and intentional decisions about the congregation’s future must be made. Alice Mann, former Alban Institute...

Large part time pastor

Written by someone with first-hand experience, this book shows how the part-time clergy model can be beneficial for congregations and the challenges that come along with it.

Large replant

This book tells the story of how a church was able to merge with a thriving congregation to enter a new chapter in ministry, despite the geological distance between the two.

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Written in four parts, this book addresses the spiritual and practical processes involved in searching for new clergy leadership, equipping congregations with the tools needed to make the search...

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