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Large born of water

This resource reveals the potential for collaborative ministry within small congregations and considers theology, leadership, and the foundations of church, faith, and ministry.

Large from a mustard seed

Designed for small membership Christian congregations, this resource explores new ways churches can share God's vision through mission and worship.

Large navigating pastoral transitions

This book completes a three-part series on navigating pastoral transitions in Roman Catholic congregations. This resource focuses on how incoming priests can ease their transition and build...

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This resource provides a theological and practical guide to closing a congregation.

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Large governance small cong uua

This article offers advice and resources while covering small congregations and their governing systems, arguing that small congregations need an appropriately sized governance system.

Large the land that calls me home

Based on the author's experience within a rural congregation, this resource explores the benefits of a partnership between the church and its farmers, one that can lead to community growth.

Large new visions initiative

The Episcopal Church USA has developed the New Visions Initiative to focus on renewal, visioning for the future, and creative culture change in historically African American Episcopal...

Large field guide us congregations

This resource paints a detailed portrait of American congregations from a variety of religious traditions.

Large fontawesome f15c 5  1024

This downloadable gude outlines a three-year revitalization process for small churches.

Large change   conflict

This book frames conflict as a tool to move congregations forward if used positively. In this resource, conflict can spark changes that will allow your congregation to tell a new story about its...

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