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Thumb christians in an age of wealth

Part of Zondervan’s “Biblical Theology of Life” series, this book offers an evangelical...

Thumb crafting a theology

Beginning from the premise that in order to be fruitful, all ministry must be clearly grounded in...

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Web resource

Luther Seminary’s extensive online database of stewardship resources includes articles, reviews...

Thumb choose justice

This film is an accessible resource for justice-focused congregations eager to consider everyday...

Thumb we make a life

This book of essays offers a distinctive approach to generosity in the broadest sense, with...

Thumb enough

Enough is a personal finance book written for a Christian audience, set in the context of...

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Thumb the choice

Congregations seeking to take a big-picture view of how success is defined and measured will...

Thumb transforming stewardship

Written for an Episcopal Church audience, this thorough guide to stewardship as it’s been...

Thumb the steward leader

Often, we think of stewardship as primarily (if not entirely) focused on financial management....