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Provided by The Huffington Post, an entire section of blogs about faith appear in the “Religion in America” section on this website.

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This organization helps congregations develop sustainable faith formation with modern discipleship tools for the whole congregation.

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This study of leaders across ten faith traditions define spiritual vitality, reveal which factors help or hurt congregational vitality, and offers strategies to improve vitality.

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This resource examines the relationship between the church and visual imagery, introducing a history and theology of the subject while providing a practical discussion on making and looking at...

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This organization offers training for congregational leaders to learn to listen and be attentive, including a retreat, spiritual leadership communities, and a certification in spiritual...

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This organization provides online resources for individuals and congregations to learn and engage in contemplative practice and compassionate action.

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This user-friendly resource sets to inform, inspire, and guide parents, covering a range of themes involving faith formation in children.

Large christians in an age of wealth

Part of a series, this resource offers an evangelical theological framework for understanding Christian approaches to wealth, stewardship, and responsibility.

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This e-book offers a readable theological reflection on stewardship for small groups or congregational leaders.

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This book teaches leaders how to cast a vision of generosity that empowers congregations to give extravagantly.

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