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Yes, this book has some age on it. It was published in 1998. It is still readily available. ...

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The CHAT Church survey has been used by many different kinds of congregations. This includes...

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What makes worship boring is not style but monotony. So says Dr. Marcia McFee, a worship...

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Congregations dismayed by declining membership are urged to cultivate the habit of listening - to...

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This resource is essentially a PowerPoint from the Des Moines, Iowa area Roman Catholic Diocese....

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Mark DeVries, founder of Youth Ministry Architects, gives congregations struggling with youth...

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William Crouch and Joel Gregory are long-serving white pastors of Black Churches. This delightful...

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For 25 years, Susan Beaumont has been consulting. Her practice with the Alban Institute and now...

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Is your congregation struggling to survive? Molly Baskette’s ten year journey through...

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Sam O’Neal is a small group leader and former managing editor of smallgroups.com. Synthesizing...