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Large transformational groups

This resource presents key principles and practices for dynamic small groups while providing a way to measure the effectiveness of small group minsitry.

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This article provides a template for an annual Congregational Plan Book.

Large promise and peril

This research-based book helps congregations understand the origins and impact of change within their community, emphasizing orgnaizational theory, and contains suggestions on how to address...

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Web resource

This web resource, by Christian psychiatrist and author Curt Thompson, provides a YouTube lecture "Spirituality, Neuroplasticity and Personal Growth" which instruct the audience to explore...

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Large stewardship resources
Web resource

This webpage for stewardship resources offers a steady flow of new reflections, articles, and worship resources.

Large baptist church relocation
Web resource

This website hosts a rich assortment of resources from technical to adaptive, making it the perfect launch point for all congregations.

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This series of articles focuses on six different features of community life in Acts and how these might influence congregations today as they seek to thrive.

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This organization offers online training, coaching, and spiritual direction for congregational leaders to provide support in times of trauma or tragedy.

Large creating culture of renewal

This series of education events hosted by Rebekah Simon-Peter equips participants to lead congregational change.

Large when leadership spiritual direction meet

This resource challenges leaders to cultivate a new kind of leadership --- one that relied on the ancient practices related to spiritual direction.

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