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The pastor could not sleep after the team meeting. It didn’t help that the meeting wasn’t over until 10:30 p.m. It also didn’t help that he kept replaying the moment when he lost his temper.


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During the 1950s, a psychiatrist named Murray Bowen created a new intervention for those with family members suffering from schizophrenia. Two decades later, Rabbi Edwin Friedman used Bowen’s...

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It doesn’t matter if the workplace is a hospital or a grocery store, finding the right people is key to effectiveness. This is true for congregations too.

How does your congregation find...

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Based on the Center for Congregation's inquiry on congregational conflict, the Conflict in Congregations Special Report is intended to help lay and clergy leaders understand the nature and dynamics...

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The grandfather of literature and consulting on church conflict, Speed Leas, conceived five ‘levels’ of congregational conflict and how to recognize and respond to each. They begin with low-level...

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One of a series of publications produced by Faith Communities Today (FACT), connecting research with strategies for dealing with important issues facing US congregations. Here the authors analyze...

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Some conflicts are so deep, complex and enduring that they are not going to be ‘resolved’ or even ‘managed’ in traditional ways. In these cases, what is called for is not a third-party consultant...

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Create a culture of conflict-resilience with this training pack for leader and staff teams. Building Church Leaders has perfected the 20-minute session that can be built into regularly scheduled...

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The title grabs the attention of readers to address what Bullard says is “the number one growth industry of Christian congregations: conflict.” George Bullard is an experienced ministry coach and...

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Speed Leas’ seminal work on the five levels of conflict in a congregation is clearly summarized in a short article by Michelle Heyne and Robert Gallagher. Leas, a well-known teacher and...

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Poirier is a pastor and a mediator with Peacemaker Ministries. This book offers a biblically based discussion of conflict in the congregation, the role of the pastor as mediator, and principles and...

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Starting from the premise that church conflict is inevitable, the consultants from The Armstrong Group, a management consulting firm with a division working with pastors, creatively offer tools to...

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Using the image of filling a well, the first half of the booklet is devoted to the personal, interior work of preparing to address conflict. Stories, examples and scripture verses combine with...

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