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The Harvard Business Review defines innovation as “the difficult discipline of newness.” What new thing is forming in your congregation? The congregation I attended last Sunday is starting...

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A generation ago, congregational observers noted that congregations experiencing growth were those which gave clear-cut, right and wrong, direction about life.

I want to note a subtle correction...

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Large the center for progressive renewal

This organization equips congregations with resources for congregational renewal, such as assessment tools, online training and certification, and coaching.

Large turnaround churches
Web resource

This website has a secondary title of "Ideas for Revitalizing Struggling Churches" and foucses on congregational renewal.

Large goba

This organization hosts an annual Renovate Conference as well as many online resources focused on church renewal.

Large church assessment tools
Web resource

This congregational assessment from Holy Cow Consulting provides benchmark data to inform decisions about identity, clergy search, strategic...

Large church transfusion

This resource centers on the role of leadership and how church leaders motivated by vital faith and the ethic of love can create positive change.

Large renewing our church
Web resource

This we resource offers an engaging video presentation about how an established but faltering congregation understands and celebrates its congregational renewal.

Large choosing change

This book will help congregational leaders move their churches towards change through practicing motivational theory and helping congregates accept change.

Large vibrant church renewal
Web resource

The Church of the Nazarene hosts this user-friendly and comprehensive page titled, “Vibrant Church Renewal" which identifies collections of helpful articles, books, opportunities to...

Large creating culture of renewal

This series of education events hosted by Rebekah Simon-Peter equips participants to lead congregational change.

Large new visions initiative

This organization provides resources and guidance for historically African American Episcopal congregations focusing on renewal, a vision for the future, and creative culture change.

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