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Large church it network

This online community allows congregation information technology staff to communicate, share advice, learn about upcoming events, and ask questions about any topics related to congregational...

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Web resource

This webpage provides information about Hearing Loops, which allow hard of hearing individuals equipped with hearing aids and cochlear impants to hear better due to the installation of...

Large church tech today2
Web resource

This website views technology as a vehicle for congregations to communicate and also shares the latest tips and advice for practitioners.

Large best practices tech usage

Written by legal and financial experts and Christianity Today, this article offers a solide primer on best policies and procedures for U.S. congregations, ranging from issues like privacy to...

Large sound lighting video

This book teaches readers how to integrate technology like video and lighting with the vision God has a church in order to create a powerful worship service.

Large 10 commandments ipad preaching

Written by a pastor, this article offers suggestions for pastors considering using computer tablets during their sermons.

Large beyond the screen

This book highlights the differences between connecting through technology and connecting through genuine community by examining the role of social media among youth and how to apply social...

Large hidden power electronic culture

Written by a former advertising specialist turned pastor, this resource argues that congregations must understand how technology can change our message, and provides material for leaders to...

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Virtual Ministry Assistants provides administrators and information technology experts to aid in a range of tasks, including worship setup, website maintenance, and logging financial...

Large church admin yahoo

This online discussion groups allows members to ask questions and receive advice from over 3,500 church administrators on any topic, ranging from software packages to gaining volunteer interest....

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