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Whether your congregation is large or small, young or well-established, you are using technology as a tool for ministry. Technology is part of our everyday lives – and our spiritual lives are no...

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Legal and financial experts at Christianity Today offer this solid primer on best policies and procedures for U.S. congregations. Topics include employees and volunteers living in a world of mobile...

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The author of The Social Church, Justin Wise, teaches organizations how to build larger online audiences. He is also part of the continuing education faculty of Luther Seminary’s KAIROS program....

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“Connected - Lifelong - Interactive - Holistic”. These are a few of the descriptors for the ecosystem of faith formation imagined by researcher and teacher, John Roberto. Drawing upon years of...

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Large pastors guide audio video

This article addresses several mistakes congregations make when installing audio, video and lighting (AVL). Kumorek explains how to avoid these common mistakes. For 10 years, Jim Kumorek has served...

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Many times, when you become aware of a software need for your congregation, you have no idea where to start. That problem has now been solved. This nonprofit organization provides unbiased reports,...

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Web resource

This excellent hearing loop resource is a service of Hope College. Its purpose is to provide a public service to institutions, including congregations, with comprehensive information regarding...

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When technology is integrated with the vision God has for a church, powerful things happen in worship. That is the grounding principle Herring starts with. This author has years of experience in...

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Web resource

What makes for a good congregational website? Of course, “good” may be in the eye of the user. Yet, there are some commonly accepted standards. This blog from Illinois-based ReFrame Media provides...

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Lutheran pastor, the Rev. Keith Anderson, isn’t afraid of smartphones, instant messages or Twitter. Indeed, he has experience using social media as a tool to teach youth essential practices of the...

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