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Here’s a secret for you. The Center for Congregations in Indiana has learned something while working with 3500 congregations that we want to share with you.

Ready? Here it is.

A congregation...

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Is your congregation seeking to reach out to young adults? Many congregations are. There can be both excitement and anxiety about engaging the generation commonly called millennials.

Not every...

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Many elements make you the person you are. You are shaped by your race, your geographic location, and your genetic structure. Your personality is formed by your family,...

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Large to know as we are known

This resource urges teachers and learners to recaputure the spiritual dimension of education, starting by looking at the three sources of knowledge.

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This resource offers insight into serving adults in congregations, bringing together experts in faith formation, adults education, generational studies, and congregational life.

Large adulthood

This resource combines theoretical and practical information to cover what a congregation needs to know about adult faith formation and why it matters.

Large getting the most from an ed event

This article provides practical guidance on how to get the most out of educational events.

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This self-assessment tool helps leaders measure their congregation's capacity for reaching seniors through service.

Large onbeing
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This website is associated with On Being, the weekly radio podcast, hosted by Yale Divinity School graduate Krista Tippett, and represents the broadcast with blogs and posts that allow a...

Large an american conscience

This documentary looks at the teachings of 20th century theologian Reinhold Niebuhr.

Large falling upward

This resource sheds light on the rich rewards of a life that is filled with failure, arguing that failure is the only way up.

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This article examines current research on the faith and attitudesof boomers and identifies important implications for ministry.

Large cong connections

This book examines the differenes and needs of the six generations that make up congregations, offering insight into how each relates to congregational identity, purpose, and orientation.

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