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Is your congregation seeking to reach out to young adults? Many congregations are. There can be both excitement and anxiety about engaging the generation commonly called millennials.

Not every...

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Here’s a secret for you. The Center for Congregations in Indiana has learned something while working with 3500 congregations that we want to share with you.

Ready? Here it is.

A congregation...

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The purpose of youth ministry is to foster the personal development of faith, theology and relationships for young people ages 6th-12th grades. This usually happens through a variety of lessons,...

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“Young adult ministry is not an outreach or a campaign…. (It) must change the way the church does business.” With this conviction, Catholic women religious in Cleveland are taking the lead in an...

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Mark DeVries, founder of Youth Ministry Architects, gives congregations struggling with youth ministry new hope and careful direction. He begins with a statement of the problem often found in youth...

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There are four areas of congregational life that determine the strength or weakness of its outreach to older adults, according Building Church Leaders. This simple self-assessment tool helps...

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This excellent video shares the devastation and grief of family members as they tell their stories and experiences. Their diversity of situations helps to give understanding to the ways grief is...

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Congregations sometimes struggle to engage the 18-30 year olds in their community. Recently defined as “emerging adults”, members of this life stage are navigating the distance between high school...

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Elder abuse can happen to anyone who relies on another person or institution for some aspect of their care. Along with the overall elder population, its incidence is also growing. According to...

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Congregations that successfully engage adults ages 18-34 have a number of things in common. For example, they are more likely to have two or more clergy staff, use electric guitars and projection...

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The Baby Boomer generation (born from 1946 to 1964) has been a cultural juggernaut all their lives. Now that they are entering their 50’s and 60’s it should come as no surprise that they are...

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What do congregations need to know about the way young adults, age 18-34, think and communicate? This collection of nine articles seeks to break through myths and stereotypes to inform and equip...

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This book speaks candidly to congregations wondering how to draw young adults to church, offering insights into what young adults are looking for and making suggestions on how churches can...

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