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Large the missional network

The Missional Network explores the rapidly changing reality of Christianity from church-oriented to community-oriented, and provides a range of supportive services and products for congregations...

Large structured for mission

For congregations feeling overwhelmed by the scale and multiplicity of change around and within them, this book offers a roadmap. Alan Roxburgh, a pastor, writer and consultant with {{The Missional Network | http://themissionalnetwork.com/}}...

Large missional

The Missional church movement has intrigued many congregational leaders as a way to grow their churches through neighborhood involvement. Alan Roxburgh, founder and lead consultant of The Missional...

Large moving back

Congregations seeking relationships and partnerships with their neighbors and hoping for a gospel influence in their contexts will appreciate this workbook offered by Missional Network leader, Alan...

Large the missional leader

In this book, noted author and internationally known missional church leader, Alan Roxburgh, joins forces with organizational consultant and psychologist Fred Romanuk to promote missional church...

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“The technological revolution underway…creates unprecedented challenges for our understanding and practice of community.” In a new book about the loss of neighborliness, missional leader Roxburgh...

Large missional map making

Transitioning to a missional, outwardly-focused model of ministry requires shifts in thinking and strategies. Viewing the change process through the lens of map-making provides a fresh, engaging...

Large joining god

Looking to be an “out there” rather than an “in here” church? This source explores new possibilities for becoming a neighborhood-based faith community. The process begins by asking, “What is God...

Large journal missional practice
Web resource

Every issue offers a collection of articles that explore a featured missional topic or theme from six perspectives: Practices, Culture, Place, Theology, Review and Story. For example, the Winter...

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