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Large the missional network

The Missional Network explores the rapidly changing reality of Christianity from church-oriented to community-oriented, and provides a range of supportive services and products for congregations...

Large structured for mission

This book argues that the American church is unraveling, and thus, provides congregations with the necessary tools to address change by building new culture and adapting a new leadership model. ...

Large moving back

This workbook is filled with tools to help congregations plan for and execute community-based engagement, offering six action steps that include evaluating the neighborhood and paying attention...

Large the missional leader

This resource views missional churches as the best response to modern-day malaise in many congregations. It offers values of missional churches as well as solutions to overcoming challenges that...

Large missional

This book looks towards to Bible to shed light on the Missional church movement, arguing that God is already at work in the community and that congregations should join the work there.

Large fontawesome f15c 5  1024

“The technological revolution underway…creates unprecedented challenges for our understanding and practice of community.” In a new book about the loss of neighborliness, missional leader Roxburgh...

Large journal missional practice
Web resource

Every issue offers a collection of articles that explore a featured missional topic or theme from six perspectives: Practices, Culture, Place, Theology, Review and Story. For example, the Winter...

Large missional map making

This resource argues that the old approach to making maps, a strategic planning technique, is no longer applicable to today. Instead, it outlines a new map-making strategy that can be flexible...

Large joining god

This book explores how a neighborhood-based faith congregation can leave an impact on the community using practices modeled by Jesus.

Large being the church in a multi ethnic community

Perhaps the greatest service the authors provide as they address the theme of being the church in a multi-ethnic community is to remind readers why it matters and to guide them on how it works....

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