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Author and accounting professor emeritus Richard Vargo seeks to help churches understand and...

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After defining and explaining narrative budgets, this document helps readers transform their...

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Believing that an accurate and systematic method of constructing a budget is imperative for...

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Does your congregation keep missing its ministry goals? Do you feel like there is something...

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Estimating construction costs of a building project is critically important, but as architect...

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Sometimes, to do great things, a congregation needs to get its own house in order. Paul Holmes, a...

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The research that undergirds this report involved more than 3,000 congregational leaders from...

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In every congregation, records are a key resource. They are needed for day-to-day operations, to...

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As a professor of Christian Ethics, it isn’t surprising that Nimi Wariboko would have an interest...

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By its very content, this free downloadable pamphlet promotes an educated laity with respect to...