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December 19, 2018

Religion in America, Congregational Vitality

Large pope francis evangelize

Recently elected Pope Francis makes headlines wherever he goes and by whatever he says, and his ideas on Roman Catholics and evangelism are no exception. Theology professor Regis Martin quotes the...

Large guidelines for building

This book by The Diocesan Commission on Church Art and Architecture for the Archdiocese of Chicago is designed to be used with Built of Living Stones, a statement by bishops in the United States...

Large the hospitality of god

Here professor and author Brendon Byrne explores and discusses God’s hospitality through the lens of the Gospel of Luke. Byrne covers the entirety of Luke’s gospel, and the chapters coincide with...

Large the future church

As Vatican correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter and Vatican analyst for National Public Radio, journalist John L. Allen, Jr. is well qualified to discuss current trends in the Catholic...

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Large immortal diamond

Deeply theological, deeply spiritual, deeply human, and all about God are apt descriptors of this book by Franciscan priest and prolific author Richard Rohr. Rohr believes that human beings are...

Large weshare

WeShare, a division of Liturigcal Press, Inc., is a stewardship communication company that offers congregations and other nonprofits software to enable congregants to make online donations....

Large catholic church architecture

Prolific author and architectural historian Denis R. McNamara’s award-winning seminal work combines the traditions and norms of Roman Catholicism with its most public symbol - the church building. ...

Large flying in the face of tradition

Sexual abuse by priests, the ensuing cover-ups, and denials are just a few of the symptoms of the “crisis of confidence” that many people-Catholic and otherwise-experience with the Roman Catholic...

Large the church unlocking secrets

How much about the features of a Roman Catholic Church do you know? Have you ever wondered about the history and significance of the ambo, nave, sacristy, the doors, or other features of a Roman...

Large priestly ministry

Katarina examines the growing phenomenon of Roman Catholic priests serving multiple parishes. Based on her extensive research and in-depth interviews with pastors, the author offers a variety of...

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