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Congregations have long been places that nurture the care of souls. Long ago, the early church created strategies and tactics to care for widows and children. Nowadays, care in congregations...

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“Foresight is 20/20” is not a typographical error. Rather, it relates to a theme that Dr. Terri Elton and I wrote about in our recent book, <a...

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Large young children and worship

This classic introduces a Montessori-style curriculum for children that today is used in congregations across the US and Canada. Known under a variety of names including Godly Play, Good Shepherd,...

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“How do we explain our faith to children in ways that are simple enough for children to understand but, (also) help them develop a deep faith that is able to stand up to the questions that they...

Large the spiritual guidance of children

Jerome Berryman is an Episcopal priest who is a leader in the Godly Play movement in the United States. Godly Play is an adaptation of Montessori methods of education to religious education of...

Large formational childrens ministry

It is time for a new model of how the church equips children through faith formation. Ivy Beckwith presents an organic and comprehensive model for doing that. In this short book, she argues that...

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The statistics are startling: Of the 73 million children in the US in 2005, more than 28 million - 39% - lived in poverty and its constellation of social, spiritual and emotional ills. While the...

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“I prefer to cut children’s spiritual garments a little large, for them to grow into….” With this quote from Dorothy Coddington, Christine Kenny-Sheputis begins a journey through the church year,...

Large parent trek

In today’s fast-paced, consumer society, raising children who are generous, thoughtful, creative and joyful is neither simple nor easy. Parent Trek offers wisdom and practical guidance for parents...

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“Does your church have a focused goal or vision for preschool and grade-school ministry?” With this question, children’s ministry specialist, Janice Haywood, launches a conversation on the range of...

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This blog is for congregational leaders desiring resources for special needs inclusion, such as conferences, articles, ideas and best practices. Particularly useful to congregational leaders are...

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Statistics suggest that a learning difference or disability impacts one in four families. According to Episcopal priest, Susan Richardson, society’s current person-centered, relational approach to...

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